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er past was a closed book. Or so thought Judy Deans. She could hardly wait to move on and start a new chapter. Yet, written on the pages of her past was a paralyzing pain - feelings of neglect, disappointment, and a numbing fear. Unaware of the powerful effect of her past, Judy eventually fell into emotional imprisonment and grief.

When her husband, Travis, appeared as a new character in her life, the storyline began to change for the good. Judy began a recovery process from the pain of her past that initiated feelings of love, acceptance and grace, long missing from her life. Today, that healing process provides a platform for a vibrant music ministry, helping fellow believers gain courage to look at their pasts and find freedom for the future.

Deans is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute with musical touring experience and background as a worship leader. With a solid ministry foundation, a pop music style reminiscent of Cindy Morgan, and an engaging personality, Deans' concerts connect with her audiences. "I'm realizing I don't need to rip the pages of bad memories from my past because I know He is the author and finisher of my faith," says Judy. "He is the healer of my yesterday, my today and my tomorrow."

Today, the life of Judy Deans is an open book. Check out her concerts to see how the story turns out!

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