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Cheshire, Oregon.  Incubator Creative Group announces the transition of roster artist, Judy Deans, into the Recording Artist Management phase of her ministry development.  Having completed the arduous Boot Camp and Action Lab segments, Deans is currently applying herself to the writing of new material in preparation for a recording project with Incubator Records. Five songs are currently in development  via the Songbabies™ Songwriting System as well as several other original tunes. Deans creative development falls under the direction of producers and songwriting coaches Leon and Sheryl Olguin. Initial marketing plans call for Incubator SneakPeep!™ releases later this year.

Judy Deans was signed to Incubator in March of 2004 by A&R Director, Tami J. Rowbotham. Incubator Creative Group operates a ministry label providing direction, accountability, and professional support for a select roster of artists. A primary Incubator goal is supporting the work of local churches as a fundamental expression of Christ’s kingdom.  Each roster artist is committed to musically expressing the gospel of Jesus Christ illustrated through a life of  “brokenness gone good”.  Incubator recording artists have strategically invested over 2,500 hours clarifying, articulating, and developing their music ministry vision.  Choosing the path of obscurity over notoriety, Incubator artists are committed to doing small in a big way. Artfully combining spiritual honesty and business integrity, roster artists are supported by an ever-growing group of “Fan”anthropists -- demonstrating a refreshing alternative to the music industry.  Joining forces with Incubator’s ministry label, they function in an interdependent model of empowerment and accountability. Contact for more information.
The best is still unwritten.

Judy Deans at Incubator Performance Camp at Villa Ingenieux in July of 2007