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Once Upon A Time ...

What comes to your mind when you read that phrase? Do you think of a fairy tale from when you were a kid? Or how about that engaging movie you just watched the other night? I absolutely love stories, especially when they are epic and enchanting! I'm hooked from that 'Once Upon A Time' all the way to the 'Happily Ever After'. I find it so encouraging that this life God has given us is an amazing story which He's been telling since the beginning of time. Even before we were knit together in our mother's wombs, God knew us and planned good things for us.

So, Once Upon A Time you came into this world and began your first chapter in this enchanting adventure. You grew as, page by page, each chapter unfolded. And here you are today ... Once Upon A Time seems so long ago! In fact, being honest with yourself, that Once Upon A Time contained some pretty painful memories - times when you were hurt and very afraid.  Out of all honesty, you don't want to relive those chapters ... you've actually tried to 'keep them in the past' and 'press on' as the Apostle Paul did - leaving what was behind exactly that - behind.  And now, you're trying to live this story with your life dismissing that fear and pain, not wanting to relive it any longer.

Do you know that God doesn't want you to simply ignore or dismiss those painful and fearful times in your life? The Apostle Paul wasn't talking about that, when he said he was 'pressing on' in the Bible, leaving the things in the past. What Paul was referring to were his vast accomplishments that are nothing in comparison to knowing and following Jesus Christ. Bottom line, Jesus wants to walk with us through those painful times from our past and show us how it's effecting our lives today.  He wants to bring His healing to the deepest places of our hearts, so that we can know His joy and freedom today and not relive that stuff nor pass it on to future generations.

Jesus is with you right now… while you’re reading this page and visiting this website. He's standing before you asking you to give your Once Upon A Time to Him, so that He can heal you from whatever it is that's holding you captive and keeping you from living, in joy and freedom… that meaningful story He's created you for. Will you give your story to Him today? Will you invite him to show you how those painful chapters are affecting your life today? And will you ask Him to bring his healing, freedom, peace and joy to the wounded places in your heart, so that you can become all that He's created you to be?

If your answer is yes, please fill out the response form below. I would be honored to pray for you and encourage you as you live out your story for Jesus. Once Upon A Time God began an amazing story with your life. The best is still unwritten!

Yes Judy, Please pray for me.  I’d like to hear more about how I can let God write the best part of my life.

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The best is still unwritten.