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"I just want to thank you for sharing your musical gifts with our congregation during our Sunday morning worship service. Your honesty and personal-sharing were so real and warm. It was evident, not only through your music, but also through your personality that you love the Lord. It came through, loud and clear! You are always so much fun to be around, your positive attitude and charming smile made everyone feel at ease with you."

Bob Lewis
Masontown United Methodist Church

"We thank you for being such a vital part of our Women’s Ministries Summer Program as our guest in leading our worship. Judy, your out-going spirit brought warmth to all those who not only came into direct contact with you but while you lead us into the worship of our Lord, both corporately and in your special music. Your confidence in singing before a large congregation during our weekend services was manifested in the continual warmth you brought by your countenance while on stage, always smiling, always giving your all. It is evident that your gift of music is something that is deep in your heart, not just a performance. We are grateful for the time you were with us."

Karen Newham
Women’s Ministries Director
Harvest Bible Chapel

"What a joy to be at your concert! It was so obvious that your ministry comes from the heart; an overflow of what God is doing in your life. Your songs soothed and challenged our hearts as you lead us in worship."

Jack and Joy
Cherry Tree Alliance Church

"Your enthusiasm and obvious hard work for the Lord was a positive influence for everyone in attendance, especially an apparent fan club (of teens) in the front row."

Russ Smith
Member of Support Team
Export, PA

"It was so awesome meeting you, and I think you are AMAZING at what you do. Especially for kids. I never had a positive role model like you in my life when I was that age and I really went down a bad path, seeking love in all the wrong ways!! God has since put some wonderful people in my life and I have changed SOO much. Please keep doing what you're doing!!"

Billie Rood
Admissions Counselor
Seton Hill University


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